Our Ethics

We serve: Borrowers, Investors, Lenders, Shareholders, Partners, Our Team, and the Community.

Our process is benevolent for our consumers and our mission is to empower individuals to live their best life possible. We believe that the path to financial freedom happens through the effective management of both assets and liabilities, working together in a comprehensive way, as part of a common plan. Our platform is a combination of education and tools – technology – all working together toward a vision where all people have the biggest pie with the least amount of risk.  Our core values are Integrity, Responsibility, Mutual Respect and Transparency.

The Four Pillars


Our guiding principle is “Would you do this for somebody you love?” We intend to constantly strive to eliminate inefficiency and optimize the probability that clients will have the highest probability of accomplishing their objectives.


We want individuals, advisors and their firms to understand how to use our products responsibly. We are committed to providing a breadth of information to help not only in the decision-making process, but in the ongoing use and management of our products.


We respect all those we serve. Our model depends on each party being fulfilled in our relationship.


We pride ourselves in being transparent. We feel that transparency is efficient, fair and an essential part of operating with integrity, responsibility and mutual respect.

Education is essential

We strive to create educational content that is topical, accessible, and approachable for all people regardless of their level of education or sophistication.
We are excited about the impact that our low-cost lending solutions with flexible terms can have in making a difference for society. Our rates have the potential to save consumers tens of billions of dollars per year. Our terms have the potential to be the difference between making it through a six-month period of unemployment and losing their house. At the same time, we are aware that some borrowers will not be able to handle the responsibility associated with our product.  We strive to encourage responsible lending and responsible behavior by our borrowers. Our tools and education are designed to empower people to use our products appropriately.

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