Now Your Institution Can Scale Securities-Based Lending

Securities-based lending (SBL) is an essential product for investors who want an attractive liquidity alternative. Does your institution struggle to scale your SBL business because of homegrown systems that do not address SBL’s unique characteristics with manual processes and frustrations for all? Don’t let your institution miss out. By adopting Supernova’s technology, you can more broadly provide your investors a streamlined SBL solution while leaving behind administrative hassles and time-consuming processes.

Help Your Investors and Advisors with Supernova’s Streamlined and Industry Leading Securities-Based Lending Technology

When you adopt Supernova’s enterprise software, each stage of the SBL loan process is digital, fast, and efficient and provides full transparency to loan details. Supernova’s cloud-based SaaS technology integrates real-time data from multiple systems and co-exists in harmony with institutions’ enterprise ecosystem. Our state-of-the-art modular architecture and suite of APIs make integration easy. Our clients have achieved remarkable results.

Investor Benefits:

  • Streamlined process with digital proposal and application
  • Rapid access to funds
  • Improved line of credit utilization
  • Full transparency to loan details
  • Online servicing access

Institution and Advisor Benefits:

  • Operational efficiency gains and cost reductions
  • Improved SBL adoption and penetration
  • Reduced effort to monitor collateral and mitigate risk
  • Centralized reporting and analytics


Fund Loans

Fund Loans

Securities-based lending is growing fast, and providing it will help you stay ahead of the curve. By joining our financial ecosystem, you’ll be provided with an opportunity to fund securities-based loans.

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Technology & Service Solutions

Technology & Service Solutions

Our educational content, tools and solutions are used by some of the largest financial services firms in the world. Our modular approach lets you easily customize our technology to meet the needs of your firm. Let us empower you with solutions for improved client and employee satisfaction and the potential to optimize return on equity.

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Historically, offering securities-based loans has been costly and time consuming, yielding low adoption rates due to the manual, paper-driven process. At Supernova, we put an end to the complexity with our fast, digital solution that will help you grow your program. Our clients have benefited from:

87% - 99%

reduction in loan origination time*


set up, maintenance or cancellation fees


lower minimum line of credit


increase in balances in 2020

*Assumes a fully integrated solution

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