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A securities-based line of credit (“SBLOC”) expands your set of funding options for new purchases or unexpected expenses, providing you with the flexibility to obtain liquidity without disrupting your carefully crafted long-term wealth and investment strategy. Read more below for just a few examples of how securities-based lending can help investors achieve financial wellness.

The Taxmans

Meet Financial Obligations Without Disrupting Long-Term Goals

Maura and Mike Taxman have worked hard throughout their careers, enjoying investing and planning for their future along the way. Last year, their respective investment portfolios performed well, and they decided to liquidate some of their assets to purchase a small boat. This resulted in a significant tax bill. Though Maura and Mike set aside funds to fulfill their tax obligations, those funds were eventually used for unforeseen boat repairs.

When April 15th arrived, the Taxmans weren’t sure what to do until their advisor proposed setting up an SBLOC as a borrowing alterative to pay the tax bill. This enabled the Taxmans to leave their remaining investment strategy intact and provided them with the necessary flexibility to make a timely tax payment without incurring any additional tax ramifications.

The Arizonas

Access Responsible Liquidity and Favorable Rates

Sue and Steve Arizona are recently retired. They swore they’d never purchase another property after raising all four of their kids to adulthood in their forever home in Michigan. But eventually, those harsh Midwest winters took their toll and Sue and Steve began dreaming of a small two-bedroom condominium in Scottsdale.

Most of their retirement funds were tied up in their investment portfolios and mortgage rates were unattractive. When their advisor suggested they establish an SBLOC to purchase their home away from home, offering them low rates and the flexibility they needed, all their snowbird dreams came true.

The Quicks

Proactive Line of Credit Enables Fast Action

Quinn and Quentin Quick have been working with their new financial advisor, Sandy Smart, for just over a year. The Quicks have grown to trust Sandy and appreciate the holistic advice she offers when it comes to their financial wellness. When Sandy suggested they establish a proactive SBLOC to set aside for life’s unexpected opportunities, they agreed, despite having no real intention of ever using it.

That was until the Quicks were given a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to invest in a friend’s business that was too good to pass up. The only caveat being that they needed the funds and they needed them fast. Lucky for the Quicks, their SBLOC was already established and waiting for them, and they were able to access the liquidity they needed in a moment’s notice.

All case studies are shown for illustrative purposes only and are not meant to guarantee that any borrowers’ needs or objectives will be met. Borrowing against securities may not be suitable for everyone. You should be aware that there are risks associated with a securities-based loan, including the possibility of a collateral call, and that market conditions can magnify any potential for loss. For more information on the risks associated with securities-based lending, please visit our FAQ section.

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