Holistic Collateral Management for Your Loan Books

Aperture aggregates collateral information across lending businesses, empowering risk professionals to make timely, data-driven decisions. Users gain deeper insights through drill down analyses of collateral, allowing for holistic assessments of loan book performance with 360-degree views of collateral, borrowers, and loans.  

  • Manage all major collateral types in one platform, from liquid marketable securities to alternative assets

  • Anticipate and simulate events that may impact the health of your book

  • Support boutique collateral types such as real estate, inventory, accounts receivable, yacht, insurance, and more

  • Seamlessly integrate into your existing systems via APIs or files

  • Mark-to-market pricing of underlying collateral for publicly traded investable portfolios as frequently as risk professionals desire

  • Provide risk professionals the opportunity to be more active in everyday operations


Intuitive risk insights tailored to your loan book  

Users can access a wide variety of dashboard widgets to identify at-risk accounts from different angles. Supernova’s proprietary Stoplight System automatically turns data and complex formulas into easy-to-understand, defined risk categories in a color-coded system. Leveraging a configurable formula based on factors of your choice, Aperture calculates additional dynamic risk scores to the collateral, loan, and people and entities involved

Collateral monitoring dashboard


Extensive exposure analyses beyond traditional loan metrics

Leveraging Aperture, risk professionals can easily identify top security, issuer, sector, asset class and geography concentrations, including indirect exposure look-through into pooled securities and managed products. With a few clicks, users can respond fast to potential impacts from a variety of market movements. 

Portfolio Analytics


Get Ahead of Potential Market Shifts

Risk professionals can utilize Aperture’s stress testing module to simulate the impact of historical market scenarios or single factor shocks on the collateral portfolio and the associated credit line, offering proactive identification of those that would be at risk for a collateral call. With these valuable insights, users can take steps to proactively adjust loans that are unlikely to survive large market shifts.

Stress Testing


Efficiently manage cross-team communication for collateral calls and covenant compliance

Risk professionals effectively manage collateral call processes throughout the streamlined collaboration journey with clients, advisors and operations, until a call resolution is achieved. Additionally, users can easily track and manage covenant compliance through the life of the loan. All communications and actions are meticulously captured within the system, providing accurate records and an audit trail for risk control and compliance. 

Shortfall Management


Leverage pre-defined and custom reports for better visibility

Aperture supports compliance and operational needs with pre-defined and custom reports on a multitude of metrics and attributes. With automated notification subscription, users can quickly assess loan book health and identify and share business intelligence across the organization. 



Easily Manage Credit Policies without External Support

Aperture’s Admin Control Center is an easy-to-use tool that allows authorized users to independently manage multiple credit policies and introduce firm-wide, channel-specific, or loan-level  exceptions in response to market conditions and unique customer needs. All change records are tracked in one central location for auditability and compliance purposes. 


Making Exceptions

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