The Problem

Seventy percent of people borrow money – but they often borrow the wrong amount the wrong way. Decisions with respect to debt can be among the biggest determining factors of financial success. Clients deserve access to better liquidity options, holistic advice, and a frictionless user experience.

The Solution

We provide the industry’s only end-to-end digital securities-based lending platform and world-class services to democratize access to securities-based loans, resulting in improved customer satisfaction and retention, and a greater ability to attract talented advisors to join your team.

Our platform provides a beneficial liquidity option for your clients while keeping your firm in the driver’s seat. Our product offers the ability for you to self-fund, or choose multiple banks to fund your loans, giving you the flexibility to optimize benefits for your customers. We ensure your clients and advisors will always have a common, digitized, interactive experience, regardless of the lending source.

This statistic is summarized from the Federal Reserve Survey of Consumer Finances.

How it works



Our cloud-based platform is designed to handle millions of clients and set loans live in hours, not weeks.

Depending on the funding source, loans can be generated in less than 3 hours (compared to 2 weeks on average) and for a lower cost compared to alternative options.* Our digitized origination process enables frictionless collaboration between advisors and their clients, and delivers fast access to cash right when clients need it.

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Life of a Loan

Life of a Loan

Fully automated and customizable support at every stage of the loan process.

Supernova’s cloud-based platform integrates real-time data from multiple systems, such as loan accounting, collateral management, and payment processing, and applies intelligent permissioning across an integrated platform for visibility on where things are. The result is that all parties — borrowers, lenders, advisors and firms — can easily collaborate throughout the life of the loan, from origination and servicing to risk monitoring and repayment.

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Historically, offering securities-based loans has been costly and time consuming, yielding low adoption rates due to the manual, paper-driven process. At Supernova, we put an end to the complexity with our fast, digital solution that will help you grow your program. Our clients have benefited from:

87% - 99%

reduction in loan origination time*


set up, maintenance or cancellation fees


lower minimum line of credit


average loan balance increase YOY 2019-2020

*Assumes a fully integrated solution

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