Our New Mission Statement and What it Means for Supernova Technology

Regardless of which source you consult, the importance of a company's mission is undeniable. A mission is a company’s north star and guiding principle. It is a promise and trust mark to all stakeholders and the inspiration that drives employees to do their very best. A bad one can leave employees feeling ho hum and unmoved, while a great one can inspire and transform. That’s why we recently completed an extensive project whereby we revitalized both our mission statement and vision.

Enabling Investors to Achieve Financial Wellness

To celebrate, Head of Sales and Marketing, Linda Gu, recently sat down with Built in Chicago to discuss what our new mission statement, "Enabling investors to achieve financial wellness,” means to us. “Over 70 percent of people borrow outside of their mortgage, yet most don’t receive advice on what liquidity options are available and which ones may best meet their borrowing needs. We believe making sound credit decisions is one of the most important factors in achieving financial wellness. We provide a wealth management lending solution that democratizes access to securities-based lending, which is a very beneficial liquidity option traditionally accessible only to ultra-high-net-worth investors. This enables financial advisors to deliver holistic, goals-based advice to help investors make better borrowing decisions.”

At Supernova, the demonstrative value we deliver is grounded in the technology, empowerment and access we create. We are excited to continue to grow, always keeping our new mission at the heart of everything we do. You can read the full article with Linda here or visit our website to learn more about the company!

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