T3 Technology Tools for Today Conference 2023

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Our team took off to sunny Tampa, Florida, last week for the 19th annual T3 Technology Tools for Today conference. The conference kicked off with keynote speaker Stacy Havener who shared some savvy social media tips for connecting with your prospects and clients. The opening keynote was followed by a panel discussion on cybersecurity which was a trending topic throughout the entire conference. Joel Bruckenstein, John O’Connell, and Brian Edelman took the stage to stress the importance of cybersecurity, what you need to know about it, the upcoming potential regulatory amendments, and how to mitigate risk through a comprehensive cybersecurity plan. Other popular themes at the conference were firms showcasing their new product features, implementing AI into workflows, and how firms are thinking about chatGPT to gain efficiency.

Head of Marketing, Ashley Dudzik, was impressed with the statistics shared at the Fiduciary Flywheel session led by Orion. From a recent survey they conducted, they shared that their advisors are only using 70% of their tech stack. They stressed the importance of education in the adoption of new technology. In that same survey, advisors with 75% of their tech stack integrated have 30% more AUM and are expected to grow more.

"Client education is something that has been a strong focus for our team and something we have been actively working on to better support the clients we serve here at Supernova."

On March 15, Supernova clients Parris Hall, TD Bank, and Steve Gilland, First Citizens Bank, were joined by Joel Bruckenstein, T3 took the stage to discuss securities-based lending (SBL) and shared insights on how to differentiate yourself and grow your business with SBL. Bruckenstein asked many questions about misconceptions that advisors may have about recommending debt to clients and if it’s the right thing to do as a fiduciary. Both Gilland and Hall touched on various benefits, including retaining assets and maintaining asset allocation, speed to liquidity through Supernova’s all-digital SBL solution, flexible payment options, and attractive interest rates (particularly in the current rate environment).

The 2023 T3 Conference was a great experience for our team, and we look forward to the 20th anniversary of T3 next year.


Image Descriptions: 

1: Parris Hall, TD Bank, Steve Gilland, First Citizens Bank, and Joel Bruckenstein, T3 take the main stage at T3 to discuss securities-based lending.

2: Supernova team members Bradley Andreatta, SVP Business Development and Allie Leemputte, Senior Sales Enablement Manager, talking with a T3 attendee.

3: Supernova team members from left to right. Bradley Andreatta, SVP Business Development, Ashley Dudzik, Head of Marketing, Kristin Krousie, SVP Business Development, Allie Leemputte, Senior Sales Enablement Manager. 

4: Supernova team members at the T3 Fintech Party from left to right. Ashley Dudzik, Head of Marketing, Kristin Krousie, SVP Business Development, and Allie Leemputte, Senior Sales Enablement Manager.