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*Disclosure 1

A fully integrated solution with advisor firms and custodians allows for real-time inquiry and pull of client and collateral account data. This makes the application and loan agreement process run faster and more seamlessly than lower levels of integration. Fully integrated solutions to activate collateral account lockdown and e-signature of the collateral account control agreement streamlines the underwriting process for decisioning lines of credit and setting approved lines live.

Disclosure 2

While we believe we have a very strong track record of streamlining our clients' origination processes, cutting costs, and helping increase their loan balances, please remember that past performance does not guarantee future results. There are various external factors that can affect cost, speed, and balance growth including, but not limited to, shocks or changes in the investment markets, business decisions and practices executed by the client, and the reliability and efficacy of external systems used by the client that we must integrate with our product.

Disclosure 3

This statistic is summarized from the Federal Reserve Survey of Consumer Finances.

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The persons represented in the case studies are fictitious. The case studies are shown for illustrative purposes only and are not meant to guarantee that any borrowers’ needs or objectives will be met.