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Tom Anderson
Founder, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Depending on an individual’s goals, debt can be a tool to use along the journey of life. Think: many people aspire to own a home and many people do not have the cash to pay for that home. Instead they use a mortgage – they borrow money to purchase the home today and they repay the bank over time.

To have the highest probability of success, an individual must borrow the least amount necessary at the lowest rate possible. Therefore, a key component of our mission is that all people, regardless of net worth, have access to the lowest borrowing costs possible. We share a vision where all people have the highest probability for successfully accomplishing their goals with the least amount of risk.

We accomplish our objectives and pursue our vision via our:

The Vision

We envision a transformation in the $40 trillion global consumer debt market. We envision a future where individuals will have one loan. No longer will consumers be limited to having to choose and borrow over and over again for discrete needs—an auto loan, a small business loan, a mortgage. Instead there will be a single lending solution for all borrowing needs.

This transparent platform will:

  • Eliminate present lending inefficiencies
  • Minimize cost
  • Optimize your decisions and financial life
  • Create transparency and stability in the financial system.

As a result, all people will have the highest probability of success with the least amount of risk.

Explore our Supernova Institute pages and see how we are working to implement some of the greatest ideas in economic theory. Our platform and process is inspired by the Nobel Prize-winning works of Markowitz, Sharpe, Tobin, Friedman, Deaton, Shiller, Fama, Hayek among many others. Classical mathematicians like Fibonacci, Copernicus and Galileo also influence our model and process. Can people handle the responsibility associated with our vision of low cost debt? Perhaps equally important our platform is influenced by the work of behavioral economists such as Thaler and Sunstein.

The future of money is secured lending. Together through Theory Implemented™ we are Revolutionizing Debt™ in our quest to make an indelible impact on society.


Tom Anderson
Founder & CEO

213 W. Institute Pl., Suite 408
Chicago, IL 60610
(312) 470-6280

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